T2U - Transition to University

Wonder what the University of Alberta is really like? Worry about getting lost or where to meet new people? How to study or deal with the stress of exams? Get the inside scoop before you get to campus! 

T2U: Transition to University gives you the tools you need to succeed! This online course prepares you for first-year university by covering all the basics of academic life and campus culture at the U of A. 

T2U is available to anyone with a valid U of A Campus Computing ID (CCID) and is ideal for first-year students or anyone thinking about attending the U of A.


$75 – includes a full year of online access to the T2U resources, starting April 1, 2015.


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Looking for T2U information for your school or students? Please email us at success@ualberta.ca.

T2U: Academic Bootcamp

Interested in more ways to prepare for before you arrive at the U of A? Join us this summer for T2U: Academic Bootcamp. These in person hands-on sessions focus on what to expect at university, U of A rules and regulations, schedules and study strategies, grading, communicating with your professors, and much more.

Details will be announced soon! 

Want an email update on T2U: Academic Bootcamp? Please email us at success@ualberta.ca.

"T2U is one of the greatest ideas ever. Using it in the summer allowed me to get familiar with everything that would be happening come first semester. By the time school started, I already felt very comfortable with the whole concept of university thanks to T2U. I think it's something that should be accessible throughout a student's entire education, not just in their first year!" - Former T2U student