Exam Workshops

Exams are a key component of virtually all university degrees. They are diverse in length, difficulty, style, and clarity, and also often challenging and stressful. How do you prepare effectively without cramming? Or, strategically demonstrate your hard-earned knowledge while carefully managing your time and nerves? How can you learn from past exam experience and prepare for new exam settings? An organized and deliberate approach will help you manage your exam preparations and performance, including:

  • deciding which concepts to emphasize;
  • integrating your study into a schedule already filled with assignments, readings, lectures, or experiential learning (such as service-learning placements, labs, or clinical rotations);
  • minimizing test and/or performance anxiety;
  • refining your approaches to specific exam formats (e.g., multiple choice, matching, and true/false; short answer; essays or long answer; problem-solving; oral, panel, and OSCE exams); and,
  • matching your study to the complexity level of the exam tasks.

Develop strategies designed to increase your exam success with any of the following workshops:

The ABCs of Multiple Choice ($40)
Having problems with multiple choice exams? Learn how to prepare for, read, interpret, and master this challenging exam format at the university level.

Exam Management ($50)
How do you prep for mid-terms while keeping up with your coursework? Or, stop stress from sabotaging your exam performance? Learn how to manage exams successfully during a busy term. Bring your course outlines. 

Final Exam Planning ($40)
Are you ready for your final exams? Plan your studying, and learn how to deal with multiple final exams in this hands-on workshop. Bring your course outlines, exam topics, and exam dates. 

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Any of these exam strategies can also be addressed in individual appointments.